Mini Bonnet

Level: 1
Season: Winter, Spring, Autumn, Summer

This is a cute mini bonnet that you can wear as a bonnet, headband or hair tie!

About the pattern: The pattern contains detailed instructions with knitting schemes. Also, it contains links to YouTube videos explaining how to knit all types of stitches (and parts of the bonnet). This pattern is suitable for all levels of knitters. And it will be very easy and comfortable to follow for beginners

Yarn: 1 thread of Drops Alpaca + 1 thread of Drops Kid-Silk

Yardage: 1 ball of  DROPS Alpaca (100 m) + 1 ball of DROPS Kid-Silk (100 m)

Yarn options: If you want a more summery option to wear as a headband or hair tie, you can use cotton yarn. For example:

  DROPS Cotton Light (knit with 1 thread)

  DROPS Belle (knit with 1 thread)

Needles: 3.5 mm (US 4) stocking needles

Knitting gauge: Stockinette Stitch + Bobble Stitch (3.5 mm needles): 21 stitches in 10 cm and 30 rows in 10 cm

Sizes (excluding the ties): 45 and 13 cm

Skills needed to knit the bonnet: flat knitting, casting on, binding off, knitting Stockinette Stitch, Bobble Stitch, Knit Double Rib

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