Knit-Felt Bag

Level: 1
Season: Winter

We are pleased to present to you a very exciting pattern! To get such a bag, you have to knit a huge bag and then felt it in the washing machine. 100% wool shrinks at 40 degrees Celsius and high spin speed. And you end up with a perfect winter shopper. It’s very durable and doesn't need any lining

The quality of your washing machine is very important. Before buying this pattern, make sure that you can set the following washing parameters: 1-2 hours (cotton wash mode), 40 C (40 degrees Celsius) and 1000-1200 spin speed

This pattern is mainly developed for two yarn types:

  FELTRO (Uni, Chess, Line, Print, Rigato and ect.)


Also, as an analogue you may use DROPS ANDES

You need 700 m of yarn. The bag weighs 700 g

Knitting gauge (Stockinette Stitch, 9 mm needles): 10-11 stitches in 10 cm, 14 rows in 10 cm

Dimensions of the bag after washing: bag bottom 14 x 38 cm, bag height 32 cm and handles 69 cm (here are approximate dimensions, which may differ by a few cm from your result)

The pattern is suitable for beginner knitters, contains schemes, video, detailed descriptions and the color designs that you can freely use or make up your own. So, anyone can do it, even a beginner. You can knit this bag very quickly as it uses 9 mm (US 13) circular needles with 80-100 cm needle cord

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