Level: 2
Season: Winter

This beautiful pattern inspired by Sarah Lund’s jumper from the series “Forbrydelsen”

The pattern contains detailed instructions with knitting schemes and explanatory videos. This pattern is suitable for knitters of any level. And beginners will find it very easy and comfortable to follow

About the piece:

  it’s a top-down sweater

  the model is suitable for all genders

Yarn: Gepard Puno

Knitting gauge (Stockinette Stitch (6 mm needles) with Gepard Puno (single thread)):

  17 stitches in 10 cm

  20 rows in 10 cm


  6 mm (US 10) circular needles with 80-120 cm needle cord for the body

  5 mm (US 8) circular needles with 40 needle cord for the collar

  3.5 mm (US 4) stocking needles (or 4 mm circular needles if you prefer the magic loop technique) for the cuffs

Sizes grid. Bust circumference:

  XXS 75-80 cm | 29½-31½ inches    XS 80-85 cm | 31½-33½ inches

  S 85-90 cm | 33½-35½ inches    M 90-95 cm | 35½-37½ inches

  L 95-100 cm | 37½-39½ inches    XL 100-110 cm | 39½-43¼ inches

Not available yet:

  2XL 110-120 cm | 43¼-47¼ inches    3XL 120-130 cm | 47¼-51¼ inches

  4XL 130-140 cm | 51¼-55 inches    5XL 140-150 cm | 55-59 inches

The pattern will give you about 20 cm of positive ease. For example, if your bust circumference is 90 cm, then knit size S, the width of the sweater on the bust will be about 110 cm

Skills needed to knit the top: knitting in the round, flat knitting, casting on, binding off, Stockinette Stitch, K1 P1 Rib, multi-color knitting

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